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one of the best things about having our own
website is it gives us the opportunity to publicly thank 
all of the people whom we are tremendously grateful to 



  • to all of the owners of the dogs we have bred..........

    thank you for providing such wonderful and loving homes for the puppies we've brought into this world.  we sleep easier at night knowing they are sleeping with you.

helen at peace with the world

helen at peace with the world

photo by karen quatman


  • to all of the breeders and owners of the stud dogs we have used in our breeding program............

    normand vadenais-
    breeder of biss ch primrose chase the clouds
    mary ellen thomas-owner of biss ch primrose chase the clouds
    susan & jason hoke-breeders/owners of bis biss ch jamara's high voltage, rom hof
    nancy bosley-owner of bis biss ch jamara's high voltage, rom hof
    treasure hauer-breeder/owner of ch hauerdane's pump-n-iron
    kathy varian-breeder/owner of biss ch chaney rika never sadaysfied
    carol ann chaney-co-breeder/co-owner of biss ch chaney rika never sadaysfied
    karen lindsay-co-breeder of biss ch chaney rika never sadaysfied
    lindsay helmers-co-owner of biss ch chaney rika never sadaysfied
    pat ciampa-breeder/owner of ch maitau's never better
    helen cross-breeder/owner of ch maitau's never better
    tiffany cross-breeder/owner of ch maitau's never better

    thank you for breeding these extremely handsome fellas and allowing us to use them.  you and your dogs have contributed immeasurably to what we have today and all of the generations to come.

biss ch primrose chase the clouds, rombis biss ch jamara's high voltage, rom hofch hauerdane's pump-n-iron, rombiss ch chaney rika never sadaysfied


  • to all of the owners of the bitches who have been bred to our boys

    helen sweet & lydia strauss-owners of Ch. Eaglecliff Pure Honey
    darlene meredith
    -owner of M & M's U Remember Me Reba
    sherrie deal
    -owner of Nightwind's The Best of Time
    linda cullinane
    -owner of Cullinane's Wild Irish Rose
    nancy simmons & sharon hladik
    -owners of Hladik's D'Bich Is Back
    janie & mel pronto
    -owners of Ch. Nuttree's Shamrock
    christine & gary umberger-owners of Kenrill's Perfect Storm

    thank you for choosing our boys for your pretty & precious girls.  we know it's a big decision and we're flattered.

  • to the unofficial photographers for harley d hardt's great danes.......

    karen quatman & jennifer suddarth

    thank you for your perpetual patience and the inestimable number of rolls of film you've shot for us (you probably want to shoot US).

  • to rita suddarth.......

    thank you from tonie for helping finish "zack" with that wonderful phrase every time he acted up in the ring, "just don't LOOK at him!"

    and thank you from both of us for so many other reasons far too numerous to list here.  you know and we know, and we appreciate everything.

  • to bob & pat haltmeier.......

    thank you for welcoming us into your home and always being such gracious hosts when we come up your way for dog shows.  with bob's fantastic meals and pat's great sense of humor, you guys even make losing fun!

    and to
    pat from tonie.......

    thanks for helping me find my "chance" and for all of the support.

  • to barbara dalane from tonie.......

    thank you for all of those handling tips early on that have paid off!

  • to the handlers who have helped show, finish and special some of our dogs.......

    terry hundt
    marie somershoe
    corinne witt
    judi parr
    lorrie richer

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  • to the doctors & staff at Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates, especially dr. campbell, and the doctors & staff at Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville

    thank you for helping us keep our dogs healthy and for making them better when they're hurt or sick 

  • to dr. roskin in olney, maryland

    thank you for your expertise in canine reproduction.  we owe 2 litters of "pupsicles" to you.

  • and last but not least, to all of our family & friends.......

    thank you for your love & friendship, your helping hands, your words of encouragement, your show of support, and for being there through the highs and the lows.  we love you all and can never thank you enough.

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