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happy new year harley

fred gives lou a good ear cleaning

helen--post destructive mode

harley thinks, "yeah, yeah, whatever you say"

lou loves fred's massages

helen at her best


got lips?

racing daytona

vinnieegg.jpg (76461 bytes)

we wonder, "hey cruz,
got lips? i mean, milk?"

daytona:  "who needs
a tiger in the tank?"

a dog & his egg


helenbirdhouse.jpg (21514 bytes)

harleyprego.jpg (76133 bytes)

louwindow.jpg (42339 bytes)

helen investigates, 
"anybody home?"

harley inquires, "but do
i LOOK pregnant?"

lou says,"hop in, i'm drivin!"


daytonamail.jpg (50011 bytes)

vinnieottoman.jpg (68885 bytes)

coralbreecouch.jpg (113304 bytes)

daytona:  "no worries,
i'll get the mail"

vinnie--possibly in 
deep thought, more 
likely just confused

coral to her idol, bree:
"i just like to be close to you"


roryjudishoulders.jpg (56312 bytes)

deuceluvslou.jpg (66701 bytes)

helengoodbad.jpg (109654 bytes)

rory advises, "ok, judi,
now look at the camera
and smile pretty like me"

baby deuce to lou:  "i don't 
care if you're my gramma,
i think you're HOT!"

the divine miss helen/
the not so divine miss helen


vrod.jpg (63042 bytes)

howmanydogs.jpg (79079 bytes)

daytonacowpie.jpg (76451 bytes)

rodney the dachshund asks,
"doesn't ANYONE 
want to PLAY?"

it's a puppy pretzel!

daytona:  "do you smell something?......holy cow poop, batman, it's ME!"


identicalcousins.jpg (66664 bytes)

coralbarsquirrel.jpg (259884 bytes)

harleyrufflife.jpg (60392 bytes)

kissin' cousins...
kissin' IDENTICAL cousins
(deuce & zeke)

coral:  "barclay, i'm telling mom that you're  hogging the squirrel tree again!"

harley's words of wisdom:
"beauty rest is essential"








vinniekungfu.jpg (146255 bytes)

daytonadressage.jpg (131012 bytes)


"...and everybody was kung 
fu fighting..." (vinnie is
mortified by his handler)

daytona the dressage dog 
at halloween


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