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                                                                               BISS CH Sandale's What A Guy, ROM HOF

                                                                BIS BISS CH Von Shrado's I'm A Knockout, ROM HOF

                                                                |              CH Von Shrado's Easter Bonnet, ROM

                                               CH Nightwind's Time Traveller

                                               |                |              CH Regene Brigadier of Jonathie

                                                               CH Nightwind's Sheer Elegance

                                               |                               Cherryhill's Canadian Mist

                               CH Laurel Springs Lethal Weapon

                               |               |                               CH Deer Run's Top Gun

                                                                Goldendanes Over The Top Deer Run

                               |               |                 |             Deer Run's VooDoo of Oak Hill

                                               Aspen of Laurel Springs Farm

                               |                                 |             Deer Run's Adrian Von Odin

                                                                Goldendane's Summer Breeze

                               |                                               Shadam's Nadine of Pappy Jack

               CH Laurel Springs H Super Glide

                               |                                               CH Honey Lane's Go For It

                                                                BISS CH Honey Lane's Casablanca

                               |                                 |             CH Honey Lane's Sylvia v Rimac

                                                CH Maher's Top Gun V Hardt's

                               |                |                |             CH Darrdane's Opening Bid

                                                                Maher's Dream Girl

                               |                 |                             Barrister's Sweetie

                               Sasha Elizabeth v Hardt Greer

                                                |                              BISS CH Sandale's What A Guy, ROM HOF

                                                                BISS CH Von Shrado's I'm A Macho Man

                                                |               |              CH Von Shrado's Solitaire

                                                Cullinane's Holly V Hardt's

                                                                |               CH Shadam's Gideon

                                                                CH Cullinane's Estasis

                                                                               CH Joy-View's Calendar Girl