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                                                                                BISS CH Reann's French Aristocrat, ROM HOF

                                                                Von Raseac's French Gigolo

                                                                |               CH Von Raseac's Cerissa v Song

                                               CH Von Raseac's French Dandy, ROM 

                                               |                |               CH Von Raseac's Chaz of Hillview

                                                               Hillview Chantilly

                                               |                                CH Kingswood Hillview Irish Rose

                               CH Rika Brier Indian Uprising

                               |                |                               BISS CH Hauerdane's War Bonnet, ROM 

                                                                CH Rika Kino Finnian's Rainbow

                               |                |                |              CH Rika's Tattletale at Kino 

                                                CH Brier's Ruffled Feathers v Rika

                               |                                |               BISS CH Hauerdane's War Bonnet, ROM 

                                                                BIS BISS CH Brierdane's Indian Amber

                               |                                                Mirando's Match Point Mandy

               BISS CH Chaney Rika Never Sadaysfied

               |               |                                                O'Lorcain's Townleigh v Hauer

                                                                CH Brier's Duesenberg v Hauer

                               |                                |               Mirando's Match Point Mandy

               |                                Chaney Brier's J-Three Cub

                               |                |               |               BISS CH Hauerdane's War Bonnet, ROM

                                                                CH Hallmark Del Oro Jackie O SDS, ROM

               |               |                 |                              CH Hallmark Jody Davis

                               CH Chaney Twobasco Cat Et Al

                                                |                               CH Chaney's Tucker v Calico Rock

               |                                                BISS CH Chaney Brier Maserati Mistrl, ROM

                                                |               |               CH Hallmark Del Oro Jackie O SDS, ROM

                                                CH Chaney Calico Rock Dakar's GTO

               |                                                |               CH Calico Rock's Essex v Zanadane

                                                                CH Calico Rock's Jaguar v Chaney

                                                                                CH Calico Rock's Lizabee v Krisda

CH Coral, CH Vinnie, Chopper, Rhoda, Rory 

                                                                                CH Sheenwater Ace In The Hole

                                                                CH Dundane's Bacarat v Brookside, ROM 

                |                                               |               Brookside's Abby of Dundane

                                                CH Dundane's Whistle's at Sharcon, ROM 

                                                |               |               CH Willow Lake's Strikly Top Shelf

                |                                               Sharcon's Dana Von Diller

                                                |                               Sharcon's Vendetta

                                BISS CH Primrose Chase The Clouds, ROM

                |               |               |                                CH Sheenwater Georgia Pacific

                                                               BISS CH Sandale's What A Guy, ROM HOF

                                |               |               |                Murlo Sybil of Sandale, ROM 

                |                               CH Maitau's Material Girl, ROM

                                |                               |               CH Winhurst Cherokee Red

                                                                CH Maitau's Tattletale, ROM

                |               |                                                CH Maitau's Conversation Piece

                CH Harley D Hardt's Electra Glide, ROM

                                |                                               CH Honey Lane's Go For It

                                                                BISS CH Honey Lane's Casablanca

                                |                               |               CH Honey Lane's Sylvia v Rimac

                                               CH Maher's Top Gun v Hardt's

                                |              |                |               CH Darrdane's Opening Bid

                                                                Maher's Dream Girl

                                |              |                                Barrister's Sweetie  

                                BISS CH Harley Davidson Hardt's, ROM HOF

                                               |                                BISS CH Sandale's What A Guy, ROM HOF

                                                                BISS CH Von Shrado's I'm A Macho Man

                                               |                |               CH Von Shrado's Solitaire

                                               Cullinane's Holly V Hardt's

                                                                |               CH Shadam's Gideon

                                                                CH Cullinane's Estasis

                                                                                CH Joy-View's Calendar Girl